About me

I grew up in a village in the middle of Germany. I became a nurse and worked for a number of years in different parts of the country. In 1992, I moved with my husband and two children to the UK to learn English in Bournemouth and to study. There, I encountered my first culture shock. I hadn’t expected that we could be so different from people in a country so close by. We went to study at an intercultural theological college. The lecturers and students came from all over the world; it was quite eye opening that the center of my world was not everyone else’s. I didn’t just learn about other cultures but with and from them as well. That was a life changing experience. After that time in England, we prepared for our life in Kenya and moved to Nairobi in 1997. There, we learned to live with electricity outages, water shortage, and unrest. But I admired the mentality of the people and enjoyed the beauty of the country. In the meantime, my kids are adults and I live with my husband and dog in the north of Germany.
Changes and challenges have been a part of my life and have shaped me. I’ve learned that I can grow and develop because of them. It was helpful for me to have people to talk things over with. Now I want to be there for people going through similar processes of change and growth. I work with a huge Oldenburger named Cygan who has been working as a carriage horse for Heinrich Marschewski for many years, driving people through beautifull countryside. Now he helps me coaching. He’s friendly and nosy and welcomes people on his paddock.