Sometimes a new way doesn’t begin with discovering new things, but by seeing the old and known with different eyes.

At the moment we all live in a time of change and uncertainty – a crisis. We’re challenged to live our already complex lives within this crisis. How can I find the energy I need? How can I find clarity for decisions when the future is uncertain? A crisis can be seen as a chance. I can think through what my life was about up to now. Is that what I want? Can I go back to the old normal? Do I want something different?

With the help of horse based coaching you can regain clarity about what you want and prepare yourself for the changes you want. Or you can find out what competences and resources you have so you can live this time with inner strength and grow in your personality. My Co-Coach and I would love to be by your side in this time.

What is Horsebased Coaching?

Why a horse as Co-Coach? Horses are wise and without prejudice. They can sense what’s going on in a person and give honest feedback. A Coaching experience with a horse goes deep and is lasting, because it speaks to all our senses. A horse understands and reflects like a human can’t. Horses live in herds and are flight animals. It is important for them to know who shares their space. They’re equipped with a sense for what’s going on in another being. Since they live in the here and now, they reflect in real time when a change happens in someone who’s with them.

How does it work?

First, we have a talk about the procedure and the themes and goals that you come with. Then we go to the horse and start with a slow contact. Within that you can learn about your strength and competences or blockages and fears. A number of subjects can be addressed this way:

Making decisions
Strengthening your self-worth
Introducing changes
Coping through crisis
Finding your way in a new situation  Horse based Coaching is no therapy but can complement it.

Good to know

Horse based Coaching is no therapy but can complement it.You don’t need any knowledge about horses or riding. We’ll work from the ground. One session lasts about 90 minutes.