My services

Single Coaching

In a single coaching (about 90 minutes a session) I’ll accompany you on your way. That happens on eye-level. It’s not about judging opinions and way of life. Every person is unique and will be strengthened in their individuality. Price: Adults 95,- € Youth: 65,- €

Coaching packet

A Coaching packet (3 times) holds the possibility to focus on your themes in more detail and is somewhat cheaper. Price: Adults 270,- €  Teenager 180,- €

Friendship Coaching

You’re friends and love to explore new things? Why not a friend-coaching? You get to know your friend in a new way and you can find new goals together. Price: 120,- €

Coaching for Couples

Horse based coaching provides surprises in your relationship. You get to know each other from a different angle. Even when you relationship is somewhat bumpy it is an excellent help to find clarity and new paths. Prices: Single (90 minutes) 120,- € Coaching packet (3 times) 320,- €